I’m known for my grounded, deep-listening approach to helping people of any level sing, speak, and move through the world with more skill, more truth, and more joy.

I will help you liberate your voice and your life!


A Thousand Ways to Voo

A one-time virtual course to free the voice for expression and healing

Deep Practice Membership

(Starting at $36 per month) 

A membership program for going deeper into your singing practice through regular live virtual classes, asynchronous video teachings and delicious communication with others on this path.

(you must worked with me in order to be part of this membership - with some exceptions - reach out to to find out if you are eligible!)

Virtual & In-Person 1:1 Sessions

Waitlist only (rate varies)

Voice & The Nervous System

A 4-part course to liberate your life force through voice and breath


Sessions with me are healing and holistic; intuition supported by intellect and years of experience.


I am radically present with every student I work with. I am obsessed with all the magic that is the singing human. This is my greatest passion, a calling that I’ve dedicated myself to for much of my life.


The path towards artistry must itself be artistic, and so lessons are creative and finely tuned to your individual story and constellation. 


Through carefully crafted trauma-informed somatic exercises that engage the physical body and the nervous system, we work together to release your specific physical tensions, and to notice and healthily express your emotions.  Through exercises that  unlock your imagination, we encourage your innate musicianship.


This path is simultaneously rigorous - we are aiming for virtuosity! - and healing. Developing one’s body and voice goes hand in hand with psycho-emotional-physical-spiritual health in general. You will discover more possibilities within your range.  Your singing will become simultaneously more flexible and more powerful. 

This process is inner work and not for the faint of heart. 

This process is rooted in a lineage, yet always evolving.

Ultimately this path is meant to empower you to be your own teacher.

If you want it, this work can go beyond the voice into the realm of energetic and spiritual development.

With your consent, in-person sessions  usually involve touch, massage, and tapping. 

All lessons are trauma-informed.

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Working with Marisa has been

a life-transforming experience

"Working with Marisa has been a life-transforming experience for me. She embraced my voice wholly from our first lesson, which allowed me to rediscover the full beauty of singing. I use Marisa's teachings daily to connect to the joy of singing. Her gift as a teacher is a rare combination of compassion and rigor; humor and steadiness. These lessons have been such an important gift in my life and have propelled my work as an artist forward; opening me to greater creativity and freedom vocally and beyond. I recommend working with Marisa to any and everyone who wants to truly connect to the joy and power of their own voice."

Jillian Walker

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